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The best Brakes and Brake Parts for Jaguar XK8 - XKR

Jaguar XK8 Brake Spares: Brake Disc's

Discover our comprehensive range of brakes and brake parts suitable for the Jaguar xk8 and xkr. Choose genuine and aftermarket quality spares to repair or complete your Jaquar. The selection available on this category covers front brakes, rear brakes, brake pads, brake discs and more. We provide worldwide delivery. All the items displayed are immediatly available.

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Jaguar XK8 - XKR brake spares

VIN: Up to VIN 042775
XK8 Front A.B.S Harness LJB3410AD
£ 90.73
VIN Range: Standard Brake System
XK8 and XKR Front Brake Pads JLM21917
£ 27.62
VIN: Brembo/R Performance Brakes
XKR Front Brake Pads MXD1550AB
£ 34.54
VIN: All VIN Ranges 
XKR Front Brake Pads MXD1550ABM
£ 28.77
VIN: Brembo/R Performance Brakes
XKR Rear Brake Pads MXD2750AA
£ 28.82
VIN: All VIN Ranges 
XKR Rear Brake Pads MXD2750AAM
£ 21.45
VIN Range: Standard Brake System
XK8 and XKR Rear Brake Pads JLM21918
£ 22.55
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
XK8 and XKR Handbrake Shoes JLM2209
£ 25.39
VIN: End At VIN A30644. 
XKR Front Brake Disc's 355mm JLM21749
£ 134.90
VIN: From VIN A30645 onwards
XKR Front Brake Disc's C2N3427
£ 134.90
VIN: From VIN A30645 Onwards
XKR Front Brake Disc's C2N3428
£ 92.98
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
XKR Rear Brake Disc's 330mm JLM21748
£ 118.00
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges*
XK8 and XKR Rear Brake Disc's C2C41251
£ 51.60
VIN: From VIN A30645 onwards.
XKR Rear Brake Disc's C2N2360
£ 70.90
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
XK8 Rear Brake Caliper Left Hand MJD7853AA
£ 74.82
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
XK8 Brake Caliper Rear Right Hand JLM20232
£ 51.46