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Condensers & Compressors

Jaguar Air Conditioning Replacement Parts

Jaguar cars are known for their powerful engines and sleek designs, but maintaining the right operating temperature is crucial for optimal performance. Efficient cooling systems ensure that the engine doesn't overheat, preventing potential damage and enhancing the overall driving experience.
Air Conditioning Condensers for all Jaguar Models
We store an extensive selection of Condensers and Compressors for most Jaguar models, vintage or recent.
From Air Conditioning Compressors and Receiver Drier to Condenser Radiator, you'll find everything you need for a well-functioning AC system.
All the parts we provide are direct replacement or OEM Jaguar parts.
From quality assurance to a perfect fit and compatibility, we make sure all our parts ensure optimal performance. You'll also benefit from warranty coverage, providing you with peace of mind on the longevity and efficiency of your Jaguar.
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
X300 Receiver Drier MMD7410AA
£ 26.95
VIN: From VIN 667829 Onwards
XJ40 Receiver Drier MMD7410AA
£ 26.95
VIN: From VIN 190528 Onwards
XJS Receiver Drier CFC Free MHB7410AA
£ 27.75
VIN: From 500001 to 667828
XJ40 Air Conditioning Receiver Drier CBC2319
£ 29.95
VIN: All 4.0 VIN Ranges
XJS Air Conditioning Compressor CCC4929
£ 290.08
VIN: From VIN 594576 Onwards
XJ40 Air Conditioning Compressor CCC4929
£ 290.08
VIN: All VIN Ranges Except 6.0
X300 Air Conditioning Compressor MNA7300AB
£ 544.26
VIN: From VIN 812317 to F59525
XJ8 Air Conditioning Compressor MCA7300AE
£ 542.97
VIN: From 019725 to A30644
XK8 Air Conditioning Compressor MCA7300AE
£ 542.97
VIN: From A30645 to End of Range
XK8 X100 Air Conditioning Compressor C2N2663
£ 373.98
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
S Type Air Conditioning Compressor XR858532
£ 179.90
VIN: All VIN Ranges 
XF 2.7 TD Air Con Compressor C2Z3574
£ 545.94