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Jaguar X Type Engine Parts

VIN: All Petrol VIN Ranges 
X Type Fuel Filter C2S45278
£ 4.69
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
X Type Diesel Fuel Filter C2S27643
£ 11.00
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
X Type V6 Lower Inlet Gaskets XR843533
£ 16.50
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
X Type Inlet Manifold Gasket XR843536
£ 22.00
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
X Type Engine Sump Gasket C2S43270
£ 23.55
VIN: All 2.0, 2.2 VIN Ranges
X Type Cam Cover Gasket JDE1253
£ 16.54
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges
X Type Breather Vent Hose C2S40863
£ 15.70
VIN Range: All V6 VIN Ranges 
X Type V6 Petrol Engine Drive Belt C2S24900
£ 15.65
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges*
X Type Turbo Intercooler Hose C2S26986
£ 31.00

Berkshire Jag Components is a independent distributor of parts suitable for 'Jaguar' motor Vehicles. Part numbers on this site are for reference purposes only.
We have no affiliation with 'Jaguar' main dealers / dealerships on the JLR group of companies.