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Jaguar, a name synonymous with luxury and performance, offers an exquisite range of vehicles, with the Jaguar XE standing out for its elegance and engineering excellence. To maintain the high-performance standards of this remarkable vehicle, we offer a comprehensive selection of Jaguar XE Engine Parts. Our range ensures your vehicle continues to deliver the performance and reliability you expect from a Jaguar.
Our Top Jaguar XE Engine Parts
Our range of parts, including the Petrol Oil Filter, Coolant Expansion Tank, and Ingenium Diesel Magnetic Oil Drain Plug, is specifically designed to enhance and protect your Jaguar XE.
Regularly replacing the Petrol Oil Filter is crucial for maintaining your engine's health. Our filters are designed to efficiently remove contaminants, ensuring clean oil circulates through the engine.
Expect improved fuel efficiency and engine performance with XE 2.0 Petrol Oil Filter.

The Coolant Expansion Tank plays a significant role in maintaining your engine's temperature. It accommodates the expansion of coolant, preventing overheating.
The tanks we sell are crafted to withstand the rigors of engine heat and pressure, ensuring longevity and performance.

The Ingenium Diesel Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is an advanced component designed to protect your engine. It captures any ferrous metal particles that might be present in the oil, preventing abrasion and wear.
This component not only offers protection but also makes oil changes cleaner and more efficient, saving you time and maintaining engine health.
Visit our extensive range of Jaguar XE parts like Brake parts, Steering and Suspension parts or Exhaust parts, and ensure your vehicle continues to operate at its best.
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XE Oil Drain Plug AJ813202
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