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Jaguar XE Brake Discs - Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Welcome to Berkshire Jag Components, where we specialize in providing top-quality brake discs for your Jaguar XE. Our selection includes various sizes and designs to perfectly match your vehicle's specifications. Whether you need front or rear brake discs, our products ensure enhanced safety and performance.
Jaguar XE Front and Rear Brake Discs
Our products not only offer improved braking performance and responsiveness but also stand up to wear and tear, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution for your braking needs.
Each disc in our selection is crafted using the highest quality materials, ensuring both durability and reliability. Designed specifically for the Jaguar XE, these brake discs offer superior braking efficiency, enhancing your driving experience. With a focus on optimal heat dissipation and reduced brake fade, our products guarantee improved braking response, making every journey in your Jaguar XE safer and more enjoyable.
You'll find all the parts and spares for your Jaguar XE on our website, from Engine Parts, to Suspension and Shock Absorbers.
VIN Range: See Details 
XE Front Brake Discs 350mm T4N1803
£ 88.74
VIN: From HCP00001 to KCP99999
XE Rear Brake Discs 300mm T4N1742
£ 41.98
VIN: All VIN Ranges 
XE Rear Brake Discs 325mm T4N1744
£ 55.40