Jaguar XK Cooling / Heating Parts

The best parts for Jaguar XK X150 - Cooling / Heating Parts

Jaguar XK X150 - Cooling / Heating Parts

Discover our range of XK X150 Cooling and Heating parts.

We provide solutions to repair and change your parts at competitive price. The selection comes with Water Pumps, Heater Valves, Compressors and many more.

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Jaguar XK X150 - Cooling / Heating Parts 

VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
XK X150 V8 Water Pump AJ88912
£ 32.90
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges 
XK X150 V8 Water Pump AJ88912A
£ 33.75
VIN Range: All VIN Ranges*
XK X150 Thermostat AJ811788
£ 16.89
VIN Range: Upto VIN B32752
XK X150 Coolant Expansion Tank T2R25157
£ 96.48
VIN: From B36761 to B52040
XK Expansion Reservoir Cap C2P20325
£ 6.30
VIN: From VIN B51735 Onwards
XK X150 Air Conditioning Condenser C2D26543
£ 99.90