Jaguar New XF 2016 Brakes and Brake Parts

VIN: Up to VIN LCY99999. With 350mm Discs
XF 2016 Front Brake Pads T2H21043
£ 44.94
VIN Range: Up to VIN LCY99999
XF 2016 Front Pads T2H53847
£ 40.40
VIN Range: See details above, Compatible with 300mm Rear Discs
XF 2016 Rear Pads T2H53872M
£ 24.80
VIN: Up to VIN LCY99999 
XF 2016 Rear Pads 325mm T2H53849
£ 24.80
VIN: All VIN Ranges 
XF 2016 Front ABS Sensor T2H48446
£ 19.90